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+BC DriveIt

+BC DriveIt

  • This site comes with everything you need to get your site up and running quickly.
  • Includes an array of custom widgets for all devices.
  • Easy to apply styles for titles, buttons and forms.
  • Already customized forms just add your email address.
  • Dedicated mobile layouts included as standard.

+BC | Business Catalyst Modules with Adobe Muse Templates

Welcome to the latest innovation from Muse Templates with integrated Adobe Business Catalyst modules.

The first +BC templates come with the most requested module - blogs. Each Business Catalyst enabled template with blog functionality has two configurable widgets, the blog enabler for the blog posts and articles and the latest articles widget.

Each widget has configuration options that allow you to modify the layout and functionality of the the blog. The typography and font colours are modified by the Muse paragraphs styles.

NOTE: You will need to host the site with Business Catalyst on a minimum of the Web Marketing package to have access to the blog modules. Some brief setup on the Business Catalyst control panel is required but is quick and very easy.