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Video Overview from Chris Kellett

In this video, resident Adobe Muse Expert, Chris Kellett gives you a deep dive overview of the 5 new food menu patterns of our 1.0.4 Design Kit Release.

Creating Food Menus in Muse can be Difficult

If you've ever tried creating a food menu in Adobe Muse, you know it can be a long, tedious process. While Muse gives you full design flexibility and placement control, that means each little piece of a menu can be (and must be) edited to get the menu looking "just right". Then factor in multiple breakpoints and you've created an all day (or multi-day) job JUST for the food menu.

However, with our drag-n-drop food menus, we take an 8-hour job and reduce it down to about 5 minutes. If you watched the overview video provided by Chris, you can see how quick it is to start from an existing food menu then add in the perfect style to match your website. The list below is a breakdown of each food menu and the features available.

Food Menu #1

This Design Kit pattern contains a composition widget that allows you to tab back and forth between the various menu types. You can easily add/remove new menu items as well as menu sections. It also comes with a large image to display your favorite food item.

Screenshot of Food Menu #1 from Design Kit

Food Menu #2

This is a simple food menu that works really well for short menus. Of course, you can add more menu items to it to make it more robust, but sometimes simplicity is key. This menu is made up of Muse rectangles and text frames with no additional frills. Simple and to the point.

Screenshot of Food Menu #2 from Design Kit

To get an idea of how food menu #2 can be styled, check out the screenshot below. Now that's a good looking menu! How long did it take? Just a couple of minutes. See the overview video to see how easy this was accomplished.

Styled Screenshot of Food Menu #2 from Design Kit

Food Menu #3

In this menu, we're now introducing a full 3 column menu. Again, it's simple in that it only uses Muse rectangles and text frames, but does allow for more content to be displayed.

Screenshot of Food Menu #3 from Design Kit

Food Menu #4

This is the first of our food menus that bring in a picture of the food item. The picture is nothing more than a rectangle with a background fill so adding multi-sized images is a breeze. The image is using a 100% border radius which can easily be removed using only Muse tools.

Screenshot of Food Menu #4 from Design Kit

Food Menu #5

Finally, in our menu #5, we come back to using a composition widget to toggle between the various menu types. This food menu will allow you to build a deep, rich menu for the restaurant client that has a robust menu.

Screenshot of Food Menu #5 from Design Kit

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