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Templates with integrated Business Catalyst modules now available

Find out how we have achieved our Adobe Muse templates that now include integration with Adobe Business Catalyst blogging.

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Many people have asked if there can be better integration between Adobe Muse and Adobe Business Catalyst. Here at musegrid we have worked through many different scenarios of how you can achieve this.

This year at Adobe Max we had the privilege of showcasing one method to eager designers but until now there has not been a simple easy way to use Muse to build a website and then plug Business Catalyst modules into it.

That is until Muse 7.0 was released with the ability to include library items into the mix but not only that, to also build our own custom widgets that generate the code needed to easily integrate the Muse with BC.

You can imagine the excitement as we now had the tools to create a simple and easy way to add Business Catalyst modules to Muse Templates and add simple configurations abilities that can be controlled with widget options and paragraph styles.

We created the first tools which are now part of a series of musegrid templates available today.The first iterations have the blogging module which was the most requested. The templates have a latest articles widget, blog articles list page and of course the blog articles themselves.

Whilst we would love to have the ability to control every aspect of the layout at present we have opted for easy to use and implement.That being said we see this as a leap forward for Muse and Business Catalyst working together in an easy and smart way.

A note of caution however as using the templates requires the following:

  • You need to host the site with Adobe Business Catalyst hosting on the Web Marketing Plan as a minimum.

    For more information about Business Catalyst hosting see here -

  • The best option is to become a partner which starts from FREE ( you still need to pay for hosting however) see the partner details here -

  • You will need to do some setup within Business Catalyst to switch the blog on (this is ver simple however).

The current template with our +BC modules are:

The reality of this approach is that +BC widgets and modules can now, in effect, be added to any template within the museGrid library.

We have great plans for future expansion of the project in the next few months. For now we hope this goes some way to solving Muse and Business Catalyst uses.Why not try the modules today and see how easy and powerful museGrid’s +BC modules are.