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Introducing Snap Templates and Widgets

Snap is the NEW template framework from Snap templates allow you to mix and match Snap enabled content from one template to another with ease.

The template automagically takes on the look and feel of the template you are using making development even faster.

So whats it all about?

Would you believe its nearly a year since museGrid started bringing high quality Adobe Muse business templates to the very active Muse user community. We have launched 80 plus pieces of premium content and helped 100’s of beginners and business to benefit from this amazing tool.

However, we are only just getting started. As Muse has evolved, so have our skills to produce useful, business orientated templates and widgets.

With each launch we have added new features and innovations to our templates with the goal of making them more powerful and yet easier to use at the same time.

Template Evolution.

Back in the summer we started experimenting with what we coined the “Style Magician” a method of allowing you to modify content and style easily within Muse using named colour swatches, graphic, paragraph and character styles. With the introduction of layers Muse has allowed our templates to have more manageability which then allows for more complex designs.

Now using the lessons we have learned and with the introduction of the new features of Muse CC we are able to introduce Snap. The idea is simple, design templates that are easy to modify and re-style and components that are interchangeable with other Snap enabled designs so that they automagically take on the style and look of the template they are being used with.

For example lets say you are working, as a starting point, with Snap Template A but you want to use a different widget that did not come with the template lets call it Snap Widget B. By placing Snap widget B into Snap Template A, Snap Widget B automatically take on the styles of that template which means the user does not have to spend any time reworking the widget to match their design.

Please note...

This will only work with items that are Snap enabled. Look for the pink Snap corner tag on museGrid templates and widgets.

As Muse continues to grow and become even more capable we will be adding more innovations and features to our templates. As always watch this space.