Step 1: Create Breakpoints Auto-magically

Use the breakpoint maker widget to create all the needed breakpoints in seconds.

Step 2: Drag-n-drop over 70+ design patterns

This is where the real power of our design kit becomes a reality. Remember those breakpoints we created with the breakpoint maker? Every design pattern you drag onto page uses those same breakpoints.

Step 3: Design exactly the way you want

Now that you have all of your pages created, you need a way to change fonts and colors, globally. That's where our Style Guide comes into play. On one, simple page you can give your entire site a complete design overhaul.

Here's what you get with the kit!

70+ Drag-n-Drop Design Patterns

This power pack of design patterns (blocks) allow you to quickly and easily build out your pages, so you can get the design stage as fast as possible.

Breakpoint Maker

Create Adobe Muse breakpoints in less than 1 second using our breakpoint maker widget. It's simple and easy to use.

Built-In Style Guide

Each of our design patterns are integrated into a style guide to allow global font and color changes to be made in one, simple place.

New Patterns Added Regularly

We started out with 50 patterns and we're already up to 70. Most of our pattern creation ideas come from members, just like you.

Unmatched, Amazing Support

We will not be matched with our support. If you don't believe us, see what our members have to say about our care and attention to your success.

Community Portal

We have the most active Facebook group in the Adobe Muse space. Upgrade to Pro membership and you'll get immediate access to share and learn.

Happy Members using Design Kit

“Hi, your design kit is going to change my life. It will help finally open up my marketing and web design company.”

- Glauber Santos

“You are incredible! I'm getting my 12 year old started with your stuff and the design kit is going to help tremendously! ”

- John Gleneicki

“Just went through the Design Kit tutorial. Guys, this is very very awesome! Thanks for making my life easier!! ”

- Gary Vey

Step by Step Video Tutorials

How to install Design Kit

In this video we show you how to install the design kit and get it ready for first use. You'll only have to watch this video one time and then you'll be ready to go!

30 Minute Deep Dive on Design Kit

In this video, we take you into the heart of Design Kit and built out an entire Master Page and Home Page. We slow things down to give you the details and workflows to build sites fast!

How to use the Style Guide

In this video we show you how to use the built-in, design kit style guide. This is an amazing tool that let's you quickly change typography and color all design patterns, site-wide.

How to use the Font Icons

All of the default icons we use in Design Kit are using Elegant Icons font. This video show you how to use and change icons, kit-wide. For font installation, please watch the design kit installation video.