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Build Responsive Websites FAST!

Design Kit helps you build Adobe Muse websites VERY FAST! Drag-n-Drop from over 65+ design patterns to quickly and easily build a mobile responsive website in record time!
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Step 1: Create Breakpoints Auto-magically

Use the breakpoint maker widget to create all the needed breakpoints in seconds.

Step 2: Drag-n-drop over 65+ design patterns

This is where the real power of our design kit becomes a reality. Remember those breakpoints we created with the breakpoint maker? Every design pattern you drag onto page uses those same breakpoints.

Step 3: Design exactly the way you want

Now that you have all of your pages created, you need a way to change fonts and colors, globally. That's where our Style Guide comes into play. On one, simple page you can give your entire site a complete design overhaul.