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Favicon / Web Clip Icon Maker

While most of you make quick work of installing a favicon (and web clip icons) in Adobe Muse, creating those files can be a time-consuming process. You need multiple sizes for multiple devices. With our icon maker, you can create all sizes with the click of a button.

Posted by Chris Kellett on 01/19/2018

Favicon / Webclip Icon Maker Pre-Release

A favicon is the little 16x16 image that appears next to your web page title in the browser tab.  A web clip icon is what a user sees when they save a link to your web page on their mobile device...and there are multiple sizes to consider for all of the various devices.  Creating all of these files can be a time-consuming process...until now! 

Watch the Overview Video

Using nothing more than Photoshop, the favicon/web clip icon maker makes VERY quick work creating these icons.  Watch the video below as I walk you through how to use the favicon/web clip icon maker and show you how to install the files on your Muse website.


By downloading this item, I understand that this is in "pre-release" status so normal support considerations are not applicable.

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