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Responsive YouTube Video Player

Whilst Muse does have a built-in YouTube widget it has some quirks that have not been addressed by the Muse Dev Team. We wanted to make sure we had a robust, fully responsive video player.

Posted by Chris Kellett on 01/03/2018

Youtube Player - Initial Release Version

So the 1.0 Beta is now ready and is almost a release ready widget. We are adding our custom code for handling Muse's breakpoints and then it should be ready for release.

Posted by Chris Kellett on 12/15/2017

Initial YouTube Player Brief

Muse does have a built-in YouTube widget however with the service making regular updates and improvements we wanted to ensure that we had a widget that we had control over the codebase and could iterate as needed.

The main requirements for this widget are as follows:

  1. Fully responsive.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Loads fast.


By downloading this item, I understand that this is in "pre-release" status so normal support considerations are not applicable.

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