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YouTube Playlist | Gallery

The idea of this widget is to create a clean responsive gallery/playlist using the YoyTube API to get the maximum access to features and data.

Posted by Chris Kellett on 12/14/2017

1.0 YouTube Playlist/Gallery Release Candidate

After some options changes and testing, this widget is now ready for v1.0 release.

Posted by Chris Kellett on 12/14/2017

1.0 Beta YouTube Playlist/Gallery Better Lightbox

We have now added a new lightbox script that allows the user to browse through the other videos on the page when the lightbox is activated. The concept works great across mobile too. We have also enhanced the "Load More" button options. Take a look...

Posted by Chris Kellett on 12/13/2017

1.0 Beta YouTube Playlist/Gallery Lightbox Added

This beta has been re-engineered using what we learned in beta 1.0. We now load the poster images into the grid to speed up the page loading and use a hover effect and play icon creating a clean simple gallery look.

We have now added a lightbox effect when an item is clicked. The load button has also been improved. In the next beta, we hope to add a carousel of all the available videos into the lightbox to allow users to browse through the other videos on the page when the lightbox is activated.

Posted by Chris Kellett on 12/13/2017

1.0 Beta YouTube Playlist Basic Idea

This 1.0 beta widget needs a lot of work on the aesthetics and options but is a working concept. The videos are loaded in at as many as you wish from the widget options and the "Load More" link will ajax in additional videos. The responsive grid works great and is making use of the columns-per-device type options seen in other data-list widgets.

Speed wise the widget is a bit slow so this needs to be improved. Also, a lightbox would be a great addition to allow users to focus on the video they have selected.

See the widget in action below:

Posted by Chris Kellett on 12/13/2017

Initial draft for Youtube Playlist/Gallery

Having seen various attempts at a widget that can pull in videos from YouTube we thought it was time to tackle properly using the YouTube API and a responsive grid. So thats what we are doing with this widget building a proper YouTube Gallery playlist widget from the ground up.

The aims of this widget are as follows:

  1. To easily connect to a user account allowing them to pull a playlist onto a Muse page dynamically.
  2. To allow lazy-loading of additional videos.
  3. To load fast.
  4. To be fully responsive.


By downloading this item, I understand that this is in "pre-release" status so normal support considerations are not applicable.

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