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Video Kit (v2.0)

Included in this kit are 6 responsive video widgets ready to be used on your next Adobe Muse project. It includes background video that works on mobile devices!! Check out the Features.

Download Features

NEW YouTube Video Gallery Widget

The Only Video Kit You'll Need For Any Adobe Muse Website

3 Responsive Player Widgets

We have support for YouTube, Videmo and Self-Hosted Video. Each player is fully responsive and ready to go!

Easy to Install Lightbox Video

If you've ever tried adding lightbox video to a responsive website, you know it's a pain! Now, it's easy and installed in minutes.

Mobile-Friendly Background Video

With this background video widget, you can add background video to sections, viewport and full screen. Oh, it works on mobile devices too!

NEW - Youtube Gallery

This all new widget places a fully responsive, customizable Youtube Gallery on the page.

Responsive - Out of the Box

Each widget in this bundle will work on any Muse project, including responsive (fixed or fluid) as well as traditional (desktop, tablet, mobile).

PlaysInline Support for Mobile

Playsinline support will allow your videos to autoplay on mobile devices (including background video...even on iOS devices). This is a Muse first!

Customers love MuseGrid Kits.

Hi, your design kit is going to change my life. It will help finally open up my marketing and web design company.

- Glauber Santos

You are incredible! I'm getting my 12 year old started with your stuff and the design kit is going to help tremendously!

- John Gleneicki

Just went through the Design Kit tutorial. Guys, this is very very awesome! Thanks for making my life easier!!

- Gary Vey

Step By Step Video Tutorials

Responsive Youtube Player

Responsive Vimeo Player

Responsive Self-Hosted Player

Lightbox Player

Background Video

Background Video with Viewport Fill + Fullscreen

Responsive Youtube Gallery

Video Kit FAQs

Will this work on any Muse website?

Yes. Whether you're using fixed or fluid breakpoints or using the traditional desktop, tablet and phone setup, it will work for your project.

What version of Muse does this support?

We always work off of the latest version of Adobe Muse. At the time of export it was 2018.0.

Background video works on mobile devices?

Yes! But to be clear, for iOS devices, it will only work with iOS v10+. Anyone using a lower version will simply see the background cover image.

How do I install the video kit?

Simply click the download button this page, extract the .zip file and find the included .mulib file. Double click on the mulib file and it will be automatically installed in your Muse library.

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