This genre includes 0 Pack(s) which makes up total of 0 Adobe Muse widgets. Click on the main image to get a close look at any template. You can also download our 26-page guide.

Burger Icon

Burger Icon

The classic menu burger icon is a mainstay of every web designers toolbox. Our animated menu burger widget is easy to style and connect to your site pop-out menu. Updated for the the newest version of Adobe Muse.

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Stealth Menu

Stealth Menu

The Stealth Menu is an great addition to your Muse library allowing you to add a clean hidden menu surface for use as a mega menu or content holder. Using a slick use of the latest coding techniques to give you a whole new way to use a built in Muse widget.

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Mega Menus One

Mega Menus One

This set of widgets (Muse 7.0 only) add cool Mega Menus to your projects. Mega Menus have larger drop down areas to allow for additional content and functionality. The Library comes with three version for desktop, tablet and mobile. The widgets are snap enabled and work well with snap and standard templates. Just drag, drop and configure.

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Menu Pack One

Menu Pack One

This widget pack comes with two navigation widgets. A full navigation bar with drop down menu ready to modify and place on your site. We also incude an amazing Mega Menu navigation widget allowing for large menus and embedded content. Get ready to build amazing menus for your clients.

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Bokeh Menu

Bokeh Menu

This widget brings a new dimension to your work with CSS transitions. The Bokeh menu has the ability to add upto six menu items to the navigation and delivers a high impact visual, text based menu not seen in Adobe Muse before.

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356 Adobe Muse Widgets in 113 Packs & 19 Genres

You can add pretty much any kind of functionality you want with this massive pack of Adobe Muse Widgets. You can also freely download our 26-page PDF which shows off every widget included.

Multiple Ways to Download

We've made the download process really simple by allowing you to access this massive download via Dropbox, Google Drive and Creative Cloud. All 3 options will allow you to quickly and easily copy the bulk download to the respective service. Of course, you can always download directly to your computer or hard drive from any of the 3 options.


Using Dropbox, you can simply an easily save a copy of the entire folder of assets to your Dropbox account.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a great option if you have no other download option as you get 15gb of storage, FREE!

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you're an avid Creative Cloud user, you might find it much simpler to copy to your own CC account.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of the most common questions about this final bundle opportunity. If you have a question that is not available below, be sure to let us know.

What exactly does this bundle include?

Great question! It includes the following items:

  • 130 Adobe Muse Templates (or 1,264 web pages) which includes a 28-page PDF that shows you every template we're providing and the associated file name in your download.
  • 356 Widgets (it's actually more but we zip common widgets together) which also includes a 26-page PDF that shows off every single widget (and pack) included.
  • Design Kit 2.0 which let's you build responsive Adobe Muse websites VERY VERY fast with out collection of over 70 pre-built blocks (widgets). Not to mention our 87-page PDF guide. We also included a complete guide to the 2.0 version to show you what was updated.
  • 241 Photoshop Files that you can use for any project you desire. This is a massive bundle of fully built website designs that you can quickly and easily show your client.

Is this a membership?

No. This is a one time download purchase to which you have lifetime usage. You will not be billed again, whatsoever.

How do I download this bundle?

Once you successfully purchase this bundle, you will be emailed download instructions which you can use to download the products. We have given you 3 different ways to download:  Dropbox, Google Drive and Creative Cloud. Also, you can use any of these options to download directly to your computer or hard drive, if you so choose. If you're looking for a free cloud storage option, we recommend Google Drive as you get 15gb of free space on their free account level.

How long will the download links be available?

You'll have 30 days to download the products. After 30 days, you're access to download will no longer be available. Please do not delay downloading the products.

How big is the entire bundle?

It's approximately 10gb in total size. However, we made both a bulk zipped file as well as a individual files easily accessible to you. If you just download the bulk zip files, it's considerably smaller. If you need a place to put this download, we recommend you use the Google Drive option as they provide 15gb of FREE storage.

Are you developing more Muse content?

As much as we would love to, the answer is NO. Unfortunately, the demand for Adobe Muse content dwindles However, we have chosenand we're building amazing stuff under our new brand

What happened to the login area?

There is no need for it anymore as we have made the products fully downloadable via Dropbox, Google Drive and Creative Cloud. If you are a 12 month access customer and need the download instructions, simply submit a support request.

Will you be offering support for Muse?

We will offer Adobe Muse product support through email only depending on your purchased product. We will not be adding any new features nor bug fixes. You also have video tutorial support via our tutorials which have been uploaded to YouTube.

Out of curiosity, are you using Webflow for this website?

Great observation, my friend! We are using Webflow (including ecommerce) and it took a fraction of the time it would have taken in Adobe Muse. This entire website took about a day to build. Not bad for a full online business, right? If you would like to learn more, simply connect with us at or on our Facebook Group.

Since January 2013, we have been building World Class Adobe Muse tools to make your life easy! Now, we're moving to Webflow!

Are you looking for the MuseGrid tutorials? We recently moved all of our tutorials to Youtube.

We are moving to Webflow under a new brand called FlowPros. Join our Official Facebook Group and email list.